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LPIE will contribute $777,180 in direct funding to Acalanes in the 2017-18 school year

Did you know . . .

  • Donations raised this year will be spent this year at Acalanes giving you immediate return on your donation!
  • Your donation is essential to ensure that your student and students in their Acalanes Community are provided an excellent & enriching education

Check out how $777,180 POWERS your student's day:

$400,00018 additional academic & elective class sections – greater selection & reduced class size plus section for NEW Master Writing Coach
$101,000Technology – Hardware & software supporting continued 1:1 tech strategy
$57,250Performing Arts – Choral, Instrumental, Drama & Stagecraft coaches, mentors & other experts
$38,550Elective supplies – for Digital Arts, 2D, 3D Art, Photography, Video Production, Design & Fabrication & Auto Technology
$36,350Science – Equipment & ALL lab supplies
$30,000Stress Counselors – Increased hours to support students (a shared expense with Parents’ Club)
$30,000Writing Tutoring – individual tutoring for every 9th & 11th grade students
$15,800Math – 13 NEW Computer presentation boards for each math classroom
$17,000Academic supplies – for Engineering, English, & Literacy
$15,600Library – ALL Database & print resources
$12,500Special Education – cooking, art & music therapy classes, books and more...
$8,130World Language – Cultural immersion opportunities
$6,000Project LPIE – Student competition & recognition event

More information available at lpie.org  Please check the website for benefits received at each donor level.

Donation Option 1:Pay in full below through the Webstore (Webstore credit card fees are higher than LPIE)
Donation Option 2*:Monthly payment plans directly with LPIE, click here. (Reduces credit card fees paid by LPIE)
Donation Option 3*:Pay in full by check or credit card at lpie.org, click here. (Reduces credit card fees paid by LPIE)
Donation Option 4*:Pledge now, pay later, click here.

*Will direct you to the LPIE website in a separate window. Once completed, close the LPIE window to return to the Web Store.

Note: If you have more than one student in the TK-12 Lafayette schools, you may make one LPIE family donation and/or set up a monthly payment plan at lpie.org or any school site.

Please note – if visiting the LPIE site, please return here to finish your student's registration by selecting "Next Category" to continue.

     Donation Categories

  • LPIE One Student Donation - $1,000
  • LPIE Two Student Donation - $2,000
  • Gold Partner - $5,000
  • Platinum Partner - $7,500
  • Super Platinum Partner - $10,000
  • Diamond Partner - $15,000
  • Open Donation

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