The Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) is a Community Funded district, funded primarily by local property tax revenues.

Over the past 3 years, growth in AUHSD’s property tax revenue has declined. The economy remains sluggish and property tax revenue is flat. For this school year, the governor’s January budget proposal included a cut of $1.2 million from the one time money allocated to AUHSD. We can no longer count on the state as a significant source for our public schools.  

Like every household and business in the country, AUHSD and LPIE will continue to be impacted by rising costs and inflation on expenses ranging from staffing to technology to supplies.


If we want our children to continue to thrive in outstanding schools, our community needs to band together and augment funding that we do not get from the state. This year, to replace state revenue cut from one time funding and address rising costs, LPIE needs to raise $4.5 million to support:


Are You IN?

The suggested donation is $1,850 per Acalanes student; however, we are grateful for any gift that is meaningful to your family. Our goal is 100% participation and donations are tax-deductible.