AP Exam registration window is March 5, 2018 through March 26, 2018. There is no late registration. Students must register online on the Acalanes High School Webstore. The fee is $110 per exam. Refunds: Partial refunds are available until the day before test day. All refunds must completed using the AP Refund Request Form available in the Counseling Office. Students with College Board approved accommodations need to see Mrs. Welling prior to registering on the AHS Webstore.

Testing room locations/assignments will be posted on the Counseling Office Window the Friday before the exams - Friday, May 4, 2018

AP Exams are May 7, 2018 through May 18, 2018. All students must read and be familiar with the attached Bulletin for AP Students and Parents, which includes important policies and information pertaining to all AP Exams.

Important Test Day Information:

  • Students must arrive on time for check in at the assigned testing location. Check in is 7:15am for Morning Exams and 12:15pm for afternoon exams. Students should expect some lines. Students will not be admitted after the doors have closed – no exceptions.
  • Students must have their School ID, Drivers License, or CA Photo Issued ID in order to be admitted to the testing location – no exceptions.
  • Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room. Violation of using a cell phone or electronic device sounding will result in their exam collected and dismissal with score canceled per College Board rules – no exceptions.
  • Backpacks shouldn’t be in the testing location. Students should leave their backpacks in their lockers or another safe area. Students with backpacks will place backpacks in a designated area and will not have access to their backpacks for the entire length of the exam including during breaks.
  • Food and drink is not allowed in the testing room. Students may keep a water bottle under the desk only. Students should eat a full breakfast prior to morning exams and should eat lunch prior to checking in for afternoon exams. There will be no exceptions for food/drink in the testing location including during breaks.
  • There is a mandatory pre-administration session prior to the beginning of each exam. This time is not included in the actual exam time. Students should expect to add an additional 45 minutes to the total time when factoring in the time of the timed exam and the pre-administration. Arrival time is 7:15am and 12:15pm.
  • Students will receive an AP Student Pack at their first exam. One AP Student Pack per AP Exam season. Students MUST bring their AP Student Pack with them to each exam. Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their AP Student Pack for the entire duration of AP Exam window and brining it with them to each exam. Failure do to so may result in an irregularity report issued to College Board and a delay of scores. The AP Student Pack contains their student specific AP Student Number including the stickers and key information that is placed on each exam. AP Student Packs cannot be replaced if lost.
  • Bring two #2 pencils, two black or blue pens, and a College Board approved calculator (for exams requiring a calculator) (see attached AP Bulletin). None of these items are provided to students. Testing room clocks may be further away than student preference – bring an analog faced watch to help keep track of time. A watch that sounds will be grounds for dismissal.
  • Students are not allowed to make up AP Exams due to conflicting sporting events unless it is an NCS sporting event.

Questions, exam conflicts such as two exams you wish to take at the same time, an exam not being offered at Acalanes, or other specific questions contact the Testing Coordinator, Mrs. Welling. Students with College Board approved accommodations need to see Mrs. Welling prior to registering on the AHS Webstore.

Hannah Welling

Administrative Assistant, Associate Principals / Testing Coordinator

Acalanes High School

(925) 280-3970 ext. 7129